I help /coach/ empower/ teach (your target audience) to (achieve a desired result).

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Are you...(struggling with something specific because they don't have your solution)?

It’s tough dealing with…(validate their struggle).

The good news is…(tell them that there is a solution to their struggles!)

And when you have this solution, you’ll feel much better! (tell them a few ways their life will improve once they have your solution)

Meet (Your Name)...

Meet (Your Name)...

I’m a (insert your title here) and after (what you did before), I now help (the big wins you help your target audience achieve).

Include numbers, dates, statistics, dollars amounts, stats, certifications, special trainings, etc. to showcase your expertise and experience in the above paragraph! 

What I do is different because…(tell them your unique beliefs/values/techniques that set you apart from others in your niche).   If you’ve been in their shoes, you can let them know that too…just say it directly or share one to two sentences from your story.

Wrap up with the commitment/mission/purpose of your business & to your target audience.

Ready to (give a benefit of achieving the solution you help with)?

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